Vape Store POS

Why do vape stores love Erply?

The vaping industry is expected to double in the next three years, but competition between stores is fierce. Successful businesses use Erply to manage their supplier base to get the best prices, identify what’s selling and what isn’t, and keep their customers engaged.

Organize complex inventory

If you have products that come in different weight, flavors, or that contain different ingredients, you can organize them into matrix products to better track each variation’s sales data.

Get Items to Customers that Want Them

Certain vape accessories might be more popular in specific locations. When hot items are in demand at one location, you can satisfy customers faster with efficient store-to-store transfers.

Track hours and performance

Use Erply’s built-in timeclock to track hours in the system and keep a permanent record. Find out which employees perform the best and staff them at peak business hours.

Collect marketing data

Capture customer data at the POS and organize them into groups based on behavior and purchasing preferences. Collect customer contact information to offer digital receipts and personalized coupons.

Keep your best sellers stocked

Erply helps you face the challenge of high volume, constantly-changing inventory. Easily identify products that are running low and generate purchase orders in two-clicks.

Offer flexible ordering options

Something not in stock? Take special orders for in-store pickup, or easily set up drop shipments from the POS. With Erply, you can ensure your customers always have access to your vape products.

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